Ex-Girlfriends United (by Matt Dunn)

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Ex-Girlfriends United (by Matt Dunn)
Ex-Girlfriends United (by Matt Dunn)
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Knihy v angličtině. Despite his new-found fame on ITV 5's latest soap, womaniser Dan Davis is failing to score with the ladies. Every time. And he can't understand why. All is revealed when Dan and his friend Ed Middleton come across a mysterious website - slateyourdate.com - where women rate their experiences of their exes, and where Dan is shocked to learn that long after he's given them one, his ex-girlfriends are giving him one - one out of ten, that is. Faced with the prospect of a lifetime of singledom, Dan needs to crack the code of a website that's strictly women only to find out where he's been going wrong. Then he must track down his many exes in order to put things right. Along the way, Dan discovers he has much to learn about himself. Particularly when he meets up again with Polly - and realizes he wants her back. Can Dan convince his former love he's changed? Can Ed convince Dan he needs to change in the first place? Can the two friends use their new-found knowledge to help other men in the same boat?

Paperback, 384 pages

19.8 x 13 x 2.8 cm

Author: Matt Dunn


Výňatek z recenzí na Amazonu, kde má kniha skvělé hodnocení 4,5 hvězdičky :

"Having recently read "From Here to Paternity" I was delighted to lay my hands on a copy of Matt Dunn's latest novel and couldn't wait to start reading. I knew I was onto another winner when I found myself laughing out loud even though I was still on the first page! Ed Middleton and Dan Davis are best friends despite differing lifestyles and very different attitudes to relationships. In the latter's case, his non-stop womanising has now come back to haunt him, as his previous conquests are now able to warn any prospective dates of his ways using a website entitled "slateyourdate dot com." With Ed's help, Dan is forced to review his outlook on relationships and the two characters embark on a journey of self-discovery. The book is packed with witty one-liners, creates credible characters and definitely has that page-turning quality. I found myself picking it up at every opportunity to find out what happened next. Unlike many books in the genre, the ending was nowhere near as predictable as it might have been, which was also a good touch. Matt Dunn has been a real find for me, as there tends to be a paucity of quality lad-lit on the market. May he write many more like this, and keep his fans suitably entertained."  By Jon Weedon


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