The Unicorn Road

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The Unicorn Road
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Knihy v angličtině. Bestseller - historický román.

In Medieval Europe, rival factions struggle for power. States feud with states and civilians are the casualties of the endless, brutal conflicts. When the scholar Antioch is ordered to find and collect the mysterious beasts of legend, he knows his path will take him to the unknown lands of the East. He takes with him an interpreter, Venn, famous for his special gift with language.
Far away, a young woman leaves her home, summoned to the Emperor’s court.
The paths of the two expeditions will cross at a moment of great danger, revealing the secret motives and hidden passions of those who are brought together.

'This magical flight of fancy in the highly charged Middle Ages comes from the lyrical and atmospheric author of the massive bestseller, THE CONJUROR'S BIRD . . . Martin Davies pulls out all the stops . . . in this heady, breathless mix of history, mystery and romance' (Daily Mirror )

'Incredibly clever...a historical book with big ideas but takes you back to an exotic time and an exotic place just with very simple language. I thoroughly enjoyed it and think it's a fantastic achievement.' (Joel Morris, Radio Five Live )


Paperback, 400 pages

17.6 x 11 x 2.2 cm

Author: Martin Davies



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